Just when the words started to come so did the hard times. I’ve spent most of the past two weeks in the hospital experiencing a lot of pain, undergoing an unexpected surgery, and leaving with a frightening diagnosis. I have cancer.

What began as some discomfort in my abdoment turned out to be stage four uterine cancer that spread throughout my pelvic area. I had an unexpected hysterectomy, and my surgeon believes he was able to remove all the visible cancer. I am now at home recovering from surgery and gearing up for 4-5 months of very agressive chemotherapy and radiation.

I am still waiting on lots of tests results to know more defintely how extensively the cancer had spread (thankfully, it doesn’t appear to be in my lungs!), and in a week or two I will meet with my oncologist to plan more for the upcoming treatment. For now, I am trying to cope with pain and fatigue. And as my body heals, I am discovering that my soul will need time for healing as well.

I will write more as I can as I enter this new stage of my journey. I am so thankful to have wrestled with the Lord all summer so he could remind me that he is NOT my adversary but my friend and comforter. He is for me and will guide me through these hard days too.