When last I posted, I was on a bit of a pendulum swing — good days, bad days. Then, the pendulum got stuck on mostly bad days.

That pain in my abdomen which I had chalked up to too much protein was actually an infection and a pelvic abscess resulting from my surgery. By the time I realized something big was going on, my temperatue was 103.3, my pain felt worse than anything I had experienced so far (except for maybe the day after my hysterectomy), and I had inadvertently locked myself inside the house without being able to move from the bed to the door without a lot of pain. I finally drug myself up to let in my boss and a couple of friends so the could take care me. Within the hour I had seen the doctor and was sent directly to the hospital.

Pain control took a while as they tried to assess the nature of the thing (we didn’t find out about the abscess until that evening). I also had a brief scare that I may have had a staph infection in my blood (a false alarm), and my hair started falling out in chunks that evening. I cried.

Then, I said to my friend Kay who was sitting with me, “Quick, let’s think of all the blessings we have to be thankful for.” We thought of a couple of dozen. And soon, my despairing heart began rejoicing again. It was hard to move from panic to joy, and I could not have done it without His Spirit prompting me anew to reflect on the goodness of God in my life.

Among my many blessings are a family who cares for me, and since I left the hospital Wednedsay afternoon, they have loved me like I’m a rock star. Even though I’ve cried off and on today (Thanksgiving Day) because sometimes I’d rather be normal than a rockstar, I am thankful that Jesus is weeping and laughing with me.

On a lighter note, I am now officially a baldy head! (I like “baldy” better than “bald” because it sounds less curmudeonly). I’ll post pictures after I return back to my own home Sunday(I am nice and toasty here with family for a few days).

I’ve missed you all and am thankful to Laura for her ingenuity in finding out information to pass along to you all.