Today, I head back to the hospital for a three-day stay to receive my second round of chemotherapy. After the first round and the rather harsh side effects, my doctors have been thoughtfully reevaluating and have a different system for administering the drugs. A better treatment plan, they hope.

In the meantime, I have been now received three radiation treatments with relatively few side effects and am receiving a three-week treatment of antibiotics for that darn infection, which finally seems to be healing up nicely. I also continue to take treatment in the form of pills after pills to treat the side effects of everything, including the pills themselves.

I guess you could say I’ve really been getting the treatment.

Oh, but the treatment might be working. My blood work is looking good. A very specific cancer antigen level they have been tracking since surgery is shrinking; despite my nausea my nutrition levels and blood counts all look good; and this morning when I woke up, I actually feel good heading into this next round of chemotherapy.

It’s not just the medical treatment, though.

In the past few days, the Lord has given me great provision both spiritually, mentally, socially, and financially. I wish I could highlight each blessing to show that he is walking through this with me and definitely caring for my needs. Even my wants (wait til I post a picture of how awesome the holiday lights look on my house)! God has used the generosity of my employer and others I don’t even know, the kindness of a nurse, the truthtelling and persistence of good friends, the tears and back rubs of my parents and family, the prancing of my dog, the sweetness of candy cane cookies, and the relief of a couple night’s sleep to really give me the REAL treatment.

I don’t know if my body is being healed, though it feels like it might be headed in that direction, but I do know that Jesus is sustaining me. I have more days when I feel like I CAN do this than when I CAN’T. And the best treatment for that is Jesus lovingly collecting your continued, faithful prayers on my behalf and presenting them to the Father. Thank you.