Today, I received good news. The cancer antigen in my blood that is being tracked after each chemo came back already in the “normal” range after just two treatments and all of my radiation. I have been rejoicing all day. My levels were above 400 after my initial surgery to remove the tumors (they didn’t do the test prior to surgery from what the doctor said), and it has been gradually coming down. Today, the nurse told me it was 19. Anything below 20 is considered normal.

This number isn’t definitive. I’m not “cured” or in remission. The number could go back up, especially once chemotherapy is finished and if the cancer decides to spread. But for now, for all the continued uncertainty, I am going to accept the good news as just that: good news. And it certainly makes all the side effects a little more worth it, knowing the chemotherapy seems to be doing its job — getting rid of the cancer and making me healthy again.

I couldn’t wait to tell you all who are going through this with me.

It’s not lost on me that we are just about to celebrate some other really good news next Tuesday. The Gospel message about Jesus’ birth, life, death, and resurrection is just that: Good News. And as excited as I am about my blood levels, I couldn’t help but think all day that this other Good News is so much better. In fact, it makes all the side effects of life a little more worth it, knowing that the Good News of Jesus is accomplishing its purpose in my life — getting rid of sin and making my soul healthy again.

And I am even more excited to share this gospel news with you.

I head back to the hospital in the morning for round three of chemotherapy. I will be admitted until Saturday morning, and will then be whisked away by my mom back to her house. I am so thankful that I get to spend Christmas with my family. I will be thinking about you all during that time as well.