Yesterday, I found out that my white blood count is back to normal — 4000! It made a dramatic improvement after a week of staying in the house. I left my property once in 8 days, and then only stayed in the car as I went with a couple of friends to get take out. Needless to say, I was getting a little stir crazy. But I’m thankful to have been at home rather than the hospital. Thanks to all of you for praying, calling, sending me emails, and keeping me encouraged during this time.

Now that I have a normal white blood cell count, it’s made me realize how elusive “normal” is. My white blood cell count of 4000 falls within a normal “range,” which means I could be a little lower or a lot higher and still be normal. This is true of most medical tests. In other words, there really isn’t one normal to shoot for.

If I can remember that this is also true in most of life, I would be a lot more content on a day to day basis. The problem with wishing for normal is that I don’t usually think in terms of a range. What I usually mean when I want life to get back to normal is actually that I want Jesus to make my life perfect. I have one idea of what normal is, and when life isn’t hitting it, then I am disappointed. Disappointed not just with life, but with Jesus. And this hasn’t been a new problem since I was diagnosed with cancer.

This week I am doing my own laundry, cooking my own food, visiting friends, working every day — what could be more normal than that? Just because I haven’t driven a car in two weeks, don’t have any hair, and get injected with two days of chemicals every three weeks doesn’t mean that my life isn’t generally falling within the normal range.

By the way, I want to say “thank you” to everyone who reads this blog, to those who leave comments, to those who send links to others, to those who read and pray. I don’t always have the energy to acknowledge the comments these days, but I appreciate you all. Thanks for sharing in my story.