Tomorrow, I will be admitted to the hospital for my final chemotherapy treatment. I am thrilled to be nearing the end of this particular section of my story. Hopefully, it will be the end of the whole chapter, but only time will tell.

Whether or not my chemotherapy would happen as scheduled has been a little up in the air over the past few days as I waited expectantly to see how quickly I would get over my version of the flu. Beginning Saturday, I was achy, feverish and coughing painfully. These symptoms persisted, along with some congestion and occasional chills until yesterday, and today, I got the ok from the doctor’s office to go ahead with the treatment tomorrow.

In the midst of all of this small drama, I am amazed how personally vested so many of you have been in whether the chemo would happen. It wasn’t just a casual interest on the part of so many of you. You seem to care as much as I do that this treatment go as planned.

It struck me that this whole process of being diagnosed with cancer, having radiation and chemotherapy, losing my hair and experiencing a great deal of nausea has really been much larger than me. Without all of you, those who are cheering me on from both near and far, I would never have made it this far. And without all of you continuing to be part of my life, I wouldn’t have much hope for the future. Surviving cancer really is a community event.

I certainly do not say this to devalue or underestimate the role Jesus has played in the process. I certainly would have despaired without the love and hope He offers me every day. I guess what I am saying is that you all have been the words and hands and tears of Jesus to me when I really needed to see them.

I am anticipating a difficult couple of weeks starting tomorrow, with lots of fatigue and nausea. But then, I am anticipating a season of refreshment when my body will be free of medicine for a while and my hair will grow back and once again I will be able to go outside and walk my dog. The newness of Spring will have new significance to me this year.

Thanks again for walking through this with me. Not only have you been the readers of this story; you are all main characters with me in this.

Speaking of stories and community events, my friend LL Barkat is about to have her first book published, and I would highly recommend her and it to you. She is creating community reading spaces around the release of her book, and I am very excited to be a part of them. Her book is a spiritual memoir and will be released in April. Will you join me in waiting and celebrating its arrival with her? Visit her at