I am not sure exactly how to communicate the news of yesterday, but I know I have such a great need for prayer and encouragement that I thought I would just begin . . .

The results of my CA 125 blood test came back with the numbers doubling for the second month in a row. As I may have explained before, the CA 125 is not a simple diagnostic test. There is a range considered to be “normal,” but so many other factors can cause false positives and false negatives. However, in my case, the CA 125 has been fairly reliable, and though my number is not terribly high right now (I am at a 27), the fact that it is consistently rising is a pretty clear indication that my cancer has returned (or possibly that it never really went away).

This morning, I will have a CT scan to try to find further evidence of the spread of the disease. If they find something, I will most likely be starting chemotherapy again relatively soon. If they do not find anything, we will continue on with monthly blood tests and repeat CT scans. If the cancer is back, it will presumably show itself on a CT scan at some point. Only then will I start any kind of treatment.

So, more waiting.

Right now, I feel better than I have in a long time, am active and working everyday, and am determined to live for Jesus one day at a time. This composure and resolve certainly wavers at times, however, and I am in desperate need of prayer — both for peace and wisdom. I am trying to look at my situation both realistically and optimistically. My hope in is Jesus alone.

I am heading out of town overnight on a work trip, but will post the results of the CT scan and any plans as they materialize. Thanks to you all who continue to “read” the story of my life with me.