I met with my doctor today, and he wisely decided to do one more test before taking any of the radical measures that will most likely be indicated to treat the cancer recurrence.

On Friday morning, I will have a PET scan, which is a nuclear imaging test to detect the presence of cancer. This test should confirm whether the enlarged lymph note is indeed cancer (which is very likely), and also should determine whether or not there are any other small pockets of cancer growth that may not have shown up on the CT scan. The doctor doesn’t expect this to be the case, but would like to rule it out before making any treatment decisions.

If the cancer truly is back in this single lymph node, then both surgery and radiation are possibilities and likely chemotherapy as well. If there are multiple spots of cancer, than chemotherapy alone will be indicated.

Medically speaking, this cancer will likely not be “cured,” but the doctor did say that it very possibly could be “managed” for quite some time. As I may have mentioned, the best way to think of this cancer now is as a chronic illness, similar to diabetes or high blood pressure. In many ways this is very encouraging to me, though the possibility of multiple chemotherapy regimens over the years can feel overwhelming.

I am continuing to trust the Lord for his goodness and am so grateful for the level of peace I feel. Even waiting to have the PET scan does not seem burdensome. I am just very thankful to have today.

Blessings to you all. I know many of you are fighting the good fight of faith in more serious ways than I am right now. God is for you!