I received the results back from my PET scan today, and though it did confirm that the one enlarged lymph node is cancer, thankfully, it also confirmed that the cancer has not spread any further. There is one other suspicious lymph node, but it was not enlarged and not definitively malignant.

At this point, the plan will be to have surgery on June 30 in which the one enlarged lymph node will be removed. I will be meeting with my oncologist on Wednesday to learn more about whether the other suspicious lymph node also will be removed. At Wednesday’s meeting I also should learn more about the plan for chemotherapy. At this point, I know I will begin chemo again following surgery, but I don’t have any other details.

This story of mine feels like a page turner of late, even my own emotions betraying me with their erratic turns. But Jesus is steady and consistent, always true and holy. I have been clinging to His goodness and love these past few days and have not been disappointed.

Mostly, I am learning in a new, raw way what it means to really trust God. It’s been hard work, but I am not doing it alone. Thank you for spurring on my faith.