Well, we’ve just barely begun to digest the turkey from our Thanksgiving dinner, and now it’s time to set our sights on Christmas. As I drove home this evening, I was amazed at all the Christmas light displays already beaming brightly! I hope to have mine up sometime over the weekend! (Look for pictures in the coming days!)

Among my many gratitudes today was how well I am feeling right now and that I will be able to celebrate Advent again this year with a little more gusto. With that in mind, I wanted to invite you all to some daily Advent reflections over on my website. You can visit charitysingleton.com and follow the Advent link, or you can just go directly to the Advent page. Even though Advent doesn’t begin until Sunday, I posted the first piece there today.

I’m really looking forward to spending Advent with you all!

By the way, next week marks three months since my last round of cancer treatments, so I will be having blood tests, exams, doctors visits, etc. over the coming days to determine if I am still cancer free or if I will need more treatment. I am feeling great physically, which has to be good news. Emotionally and spiritually? I’m doing pretty well too. Please pray that I will trust the Lord through this time of waiting.