It’s just the first day of my multitasking fast, and already I am amazed at what I am learning. Here are five things I learned today.

1.) My brain is much freer to think and pray when I am doing only one thing at a time. (I decided that thinking and praying can and should happen simultaneously with any other task and don’t count as multitasking!)
2.) I’m a much safer driver when I’m not eating, drinking, talking on the phone, and listening to the radio at the same time.
3.) I’m going to need to start getting up 5 minutes earlier each day to eat breakfast since I can’t do it in the car anymore. (I almost had to skip breakfast since I didn’t allow the extra time today; I had to scarf it down in the two minutes I had before clocking in at work!)
4.) Interruptions don’t seem as disruptive since they are interrupting only one thing.
5.) My priorities are becoming clearer since I have to choose between activities to do only one thing at a time.

As crazy as this sounds, it takes a lot of effort to do only one thing at a time after years of multitasking!