For the past couple of weeks, my car has been making a funny noise. Sometimes it sounds like a man nervously rolling coins in his pocket. Other times, more like a squeaking door. And it usually only happens when I turn a corner or go over a bump.

Eventually, I’ll need to have someone look at it, but for now, I’m just taking note. The problem is, I don’t know how long the noise has been there. My car may have been making the noise since I bought it. The only reason I am noticing it now is that for the first time I am driving it around in silence.

Though my multitasking fast has not been as “pure” as I had hoped when I first began, I actually am driving, eating, and working in quiet most of the time. And now that I am a couple of weeks into the fast, the noises in my head are finally quieting too.

Now I can hear from Jesus.

Just like the noises from my car, Jesus has probably been speaking to me about issues in my life for years now. I just don’t often live quietly enough to hear Him. Also, I find that I pray more fervently for others these days because when the Spirit whispers a name to me, I hear it, and I start interceding.

And joyfully, I have found that Jesus also is stirring up gratitude in my heart during this quiet season. When I have the space to think about what I am eating, the money I have to pay my bills, the opportunities I am given with family and friends, I am deeply grateful. Without the silence to consider these blessings, however, I often take them for granted.

Though at times I resist this season of quiet in my life, I am growing increasingly accustomed to these new sounds I am hearing. Sounds that are refreshing not draining. Sounds that help me fix the things that are broken.

Even if it means a repair bill for my car.