Despite my absence here, I am still among the living. My trip to East Asia was thrilling and fascinating and difficult and overwhelming, all at once. I became ill while I was there (upper respiratory — most likely from the LONG plane trip there), and though it cost me only one day in bed during the trip, my continued recovery has somewhat prolonged my jet lag.

But, in the past couple of days, I have begun to feel almost normal again, am sleeping long and hard at night, and am finally making time for unpacking, reorganizing, and getting life back to normal. Soon, I will have some thoughts to share on my trip and the experiences there.

And it wouldn’t be right to let Spring go by without blogging about dandelions at least once! I have begun in earnest my fight against those perky little pests. But generally, being home to a glorious burst of color and delightful weather has made me even more grateful to the Lord for this place called home.

I’ll be back shortly . . .