Why I chose that particular night for that particular icebreaker, I’ll never know. It was the first session of a new semester of Bible study, and the request hung out there, spoken and awkward, in the middle of our circle:

“Let’s go around the room and say our names and something about our families.”

As a single woman, never married and no children, it was the worst of all possible introductions. I would now be defined by the “un” part of my life to a whole new group of people.

No matter how many times I am asked about family, I always struggle with a response. Should I go with quirky and mention my dog? No, pathetic. Sentimental and bring up a memory of my grandmother? No, irrelevant. Typical and talk about my nieces and nephews? No, too predictable. Spiritual and say that God is my husband? No, it would sound like I was trying too hard.

Why, of all people, did I use this topic as an ice breaker? {click to continue}

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