Being a locovore has it’s advantages in the Pacific Northwest. The first night I arrived, we enjoyed dungeness crab caught by a neighbor and wild salmon snagged by my nephew.

We’ve also eaten Loganberry pie from a local farm, locally baked sour dough bread, Ranier cherries from Pike Place Market, and some pretty great caramel popcorn made at Popsies on Main Street.

It’s always refreshing, however, to realize that even 1,800 miles away there are still tomatoes and peppers and potatoes. Some food just seems to be local everywhere.

It’s Friday, and we’re off to Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands in Puget Sound. Looking forward to some more local fare.

Today, I am joining Ann Kroeker for Food on Fridays when she discusses all things food. Since I am a bit of a foodie myself, I plan to join her discussion often. Stop by and visit her yourself, too!