On Sunday, I had two women from church over to my house for a meeting, and since I didn’t know if they were dog people, Precious was confined to the laundry room. 

She barked and whined when I latched the gate; she hates to be alone, especially if she knows I am nearby. But she’s big and nosy, and sometimes she can overwhelm guests.

After our meeting ended, and just one of the women was still here, she mentioned that it would be fine with her if I let Precious out of her make-shift prison. So when the gate was opened, Precious rushed out and headed straight for my friend.

First, Precious leaned in on her, getting a feel for whether or not she could be trusted. And then once the petting began and she knew she was leaning in on someone who cared about her, she flopped down on the ground, belly exposed, legs in the air, a position of total trust.

I understand why Precious leans first before she exposes herself. I do the same thing with Jesus. I did it all last week, in fact. In my heart, I know He cares about me. But when things get hard, I forget. And before I expose my true self to him, I have to lean in for a while.

Yesterday, I was reminded of his love for me, his plan for me that extends on through this life to the next. And tonight, I have flopped down before him, belly exposed, legs in the air. 

Once again, I am in a position of total trust.