“I’ve got a story to tell you,” Dad said over the phone today. I love to hear his stories.

First, he told me about the work he had been doing on the new rental house he bought and about the pilot light on the water heater that wouldn’t light. Then he mentioned the calls he made to my soon-to-be brother-in-law and to his furnace repairman, trying to find someone to help him.

And then, he told me about the call he received from someone who dialed the wrong number.

When I get a wrong number, I try to be polite, but I don’t usually start a conversation with the caller. My dad apparently does, though. And this time, it happened to be God on the other end of the line. God with a tool bag, that is.

My dad asked the caller who he was trying to reach, and it turns out that the he works on furnaces and water heaters, and he just happened to be doing a job a block away from Dad’s rental house the following day. 

My dad tried to hire him right there on the phone, this guy who called the wrong number. But then, the man talked my dad through the repair step by step. When Dad got to the house, he was able to fix the problem himself. No service fee, no repair bills. Just lots of wonderfully hot water.

My dad had been praying over the house and the work he was doing there, asking the Lord to help him be a good steward, wondering if he had taken on too much. And specifically, my dad was stumped about the water heater, trying to figure out who to call, worrying over the hidden costs.

“Do you think the Lord looks out for me?” he asked his wife after telling her the story. For a man who is thriving after a major heart surgery just seven months ago, it seemed like an obvious question. But my dad already knew the Lord was watching over him in the big stuff. After all, he also is a cancer survivor.

It’s the little things that make us wonder, however. Does God look out for me when my water heater is broken? 

Last week, I wrote about the miraculous story of Jian, whom God saved from a life of poverty and shame by allowing him to be adopted by my friends Jon and Shelly just days before he would have been legally ineligible for such an arrangement. I have marveled all week as I have followed Shelly’s blog and talked with her on Skype and exchanged emails. God is undoubtedly looking out for that family.

But in a week when the little things have been a challenge for me, I am marveling again at God’s timing and purpose in a man who called the wrong number and just “happened” to have the answer my dad needed, had prayed for, even.

If I look carefully, I can see that God has been looking out for me, too. It just takes eyes to see.

:: A friend who helped me secure the first mortgage on my home just “happened” to ask me if I would be interested in refinancing. As he did the research, he realized that this was perfect timing. My interest rate will drop more than 2 points, and I will save thousands of dollars.

:: A construction supervisor who had been out of work the past 2 years was referred to help me with the drywall repair from my laundry room flood. He gave me a really generous quote and did the job quickly and professionally for about half the price I was expecting. As he finished up, I asked if I could refer him to other friends. He said no. Mine was his last private job because he was going back to work full-time the following Monday.

:: Last week, as I was picking up pizza to take to my mom’s house for dinner, I thought it would be nice to pick up dessert from a bakery since it was her anniversary with my step-dad that weekend. I had no idea where I could find a bakery, since I was picking up the pizza in an unfamiliar town between our homes. As I pulled into the parking lot of the pizza place, I saw a bakery three doors down. It had just opened.

How has God been looking out for you? Do you sense Him more in the big things or the little things at this stage in your life?