“I would’ve never thought I would write an autobiography, frankly. I mean, it wasn’t of interest to me. And then I had the misfortune of acquiring an interesting life.”
-Salman Rushdie in an interview with Katty Kay, on The Diane Rehm Show

Sometimes, I find my life more interesting than I would choose on my own. And yet, without an interesting life, what would I have to write about?

Over the years, I have written here of lawsuits, family conflict, book rejections, heart break, cancer, and financial problems. There have been posts on the death of friends, the death of pets, and the death of dreams. You have seen me be discouraged, despairing, and despondent.

And yet, an interesting life is not just subject matter, it’s spiritual matter. An interesting life has helped me grow and change and become a little bit more like Jesus. I hope.

I am fortunate to have acquired an interesting life.