Friday evening after work, I made some quick purchases to help with the holiday decorating so that Saturday morning, as soon as the housework was done, I could begin decorating in earnest.
My heart filled as I pulled down the large plastic tubs from their storage space in the garage. I opened the lid to reveal some of my most treasured possessions. A hand-made stocking from my grandmother, a nativity scene made of pottery brought back from Guatemala by my friend Dave, a Starbucks cup ornament in memory of my friend Erik.

One by one, I unwrapped the treasures that would transform my house from ordinary to radiant. I hung the wreath I put together last year adorned with my parents’ first ornaments from shortly after they married, along with some special ornaments I bought on a family trip to Nashville. I arranged a new Advent wreath with newly purchased candles and a hand-thrown pottery bowl made by my aunt Sue.
As I decorated the house with these special items from the past, I also remembered Advent celebrations and traditions and meditations from the past. Coming again and again to this Advent season has allowed me to accumulate insights and truths just as I have accumulated ornaments and wall hangings.
And as I come again to this space each day for writing and reflecting, it’s like unwrapping silver balls and boxes of stringed lights year after year. I can enjoy the same heart-swelling messages of Advent again and again.
I’m glad you are joining me!

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