Tonight, I helped my friend Kelly move into her new house.

The movers actually carried in the boxes and furniture. I helped with the unpacking.
Her two young sons were with a family friend for the evening during the height of the moving chaos. As a special homecoming for them, we worked really hard to get their room unpacked and ready. 
In three hours, we set up their castle play house, put the books on the shelves, and arranged their toys carefully in the closet. Just about 15 minutes before they arrived, the bunk beds were finally assembled, so I quickly tucked and smoothed the sheets and blankets and fluffed the pillows.
They arrived to an array of boxes in the family room, but they quickly shod shoes and coats and ran up the stairs to their bedroom.
Gleeful screams and squeals were followed quickly by “Oh-my-gosh-es” and “This-is-the-best-house-ever-s.” Jensen grabbed his LeapPad game he hadn’t seen since May. Alex grabbed the Legos. They climbed up and down the bunk beds. The hopped and ran around in circles when they opened the closet full of toys.
Their elation was heightened by the fact that they waited nearly eight months to move in. Their old house went on the market and sold before Kelly was able to find a new one. Once she bought the new house, there were several repairs and improvements to make. For the past several weeks, the boys have been hanging out at the house on the weekends while their house was refloored and painted and landscaped.
But tonight, they are home.
The sorrow of leaving their old house, the discomfort of being away from their stuff, the long days of waiting for their new house to be done were all overshadowed by the joy of coming to a new home prepared especially for them.
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