What’s done is done.

I probably left someone off the Christmas card list; the shirt I bought for my nephew will probably not fit. Chances are I didn’t make enough cookies for the weekend, and I certainly could have bought another gift for my mom. I scratched off the list completely my plan to make homemade caramel corn.

At some point, we just have to stop. We have to accept our limits.

Earlier in the week I wrote about my desire to be better, to expand the Advent longing for Jesus to include my desire to be whole when He comes. Today, however, I am meditating on the fact that I am not better, I can’t do everything, and if it weren’t for Jesus, my life would have no hope.

Advent doesn’t make sense for perfect people with perfect lives. If I had everything I wanted and my life always went as I planned, there would be nothing to long for, no one to expect. But to a woman like me, a human one, full of limits and sin, Advent is all about looking to Jesus, the one who knows my weaknesses and still came to die for me.

I need Jesus. And there’s no better time of the year to be reminded of that.

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