I love a lot of people.
I love my parents with a love born out of gratitude and blood. I love my siblings with a love born of common roots and shared experiences. I love friends with a love born of mutual interests and indebtedness for being chosen.
I love grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. I love nieces and nephews, and children I love like nieces and nephews. I love coworkers and women in my Bible study.
I have loved doctors and nurses, teachers and bus drivers. I have loved farmers and factory workers, writers and musicians. I have loved more than one painter, and even a poet or two.
I have loved strangers and enemies, though not with my own love.
But I have never loved a husband.
Someday, I might love a husband better because of her words.
Join me for regular jaunts around The High Calling network, randomly visiting fellow bloggers, soaking up their words and ideas, and then coming back here to write about them from my perspective. This is what The High Calling network is all about, after all.

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 Photo by Nono Fara, used by permission under the Creative Common License