“I’m not doing anything specific. God asked me to put aside my ministry,” Robin‘s friend told her. It was her friend’s answer to what she had been doing lately.

Robin was understandably concerned; after all, her friend had apparently been very active in serving and involved with others. When her friend explained the freedom she felt from Jesus to let go of doing and try being for a while, Robin felt a little ache in her heart.

My soul longed for that kind of refreshing. The new year brought lots of fresh starts, resolutions and back to school routines that busied my schedule. Why do we feel that we have to be doing something to have value?

Even as I have been trying to empty my schedule, reduce the distractions, the thing I fear is this same concern of others, the concern Robin had for her friend, the concern I have had for others. What will others think of me if I am not busy, hurrying.

The thing I long for, though, the thing I crave as I empty out my life is to feel this freedom Robin’s friend had. The freedom to truly follow Jesus, even if he leads me down an uncertain, lonely path.
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