Some days, I move through life like a dragonfly, skimming the surface of the pond. I accept events, circumstances at face value. Running is just running; bread is just bread; training my puppy is just, well, hard, but yes, just training my puppy.
But some days, when I am fully alive, when I am writing even before I sit down at my laptop, when Jesus has me on the edge of my seat looking for ways He is real, things like running and bread and even training my new puppy don’t exist on the surface. They take me down deep.
Heather Holleman knows about going deep. In fact, she wrote about digging deep this week. It started with the neighborhood children scratching in the dirt for treasure.

Today I learn from the neighborhood children all of their digging stories. Children seem to have lots of these: digging in sand; digging in dirt; digging in snow. They report the treasures they’ve unearthed in the form of bones and shells and marbles and old pennies.

But out of “digging,” Heather digs deep herself, realizing there is something spiritual just below the surface.

This instinct to dig stays with me, even today, as I work to turn up beauty. It does feel like excavation. There’s a layer down deep that holds the day’s treasures. I think of analogies–of symbols–that things I encounter might represent. It’s as if a spiritual current runs beneath this dust and dirt of life. Dig deep enough, and you strike water.

That’s what happened Monday night as I was scurrying about the house, preparing for the big ice storm that slammed through Indiana over the past couple of days. I had formulated my plan in the car that evening, as a one-hour car ride turned into two hours in the beginning stages of freezing rain and sleet.
Knowing that we might lose electricity service if the ice came in as thick as the experts were predicting, I set to work boiling eggs, filling up pitchers with drinking water, and gathering candles and flashlights. Already I had filled the gas tank of the car; it would be our only source of warmth since I don’t have a fire place. And as soon as I got home, my sister and I began charging cell phones and laptops.
Hopefully, the power would stay on and we would be watching the ice fall from a warm house, eating warm food. But if not, if the lines snapped and crackled and the lights turned black, we would be prepared.
My pastor had been preaching on being prepared from Jesus’ Olivet Discourse recorded in Matthew 24 and 25. He had been unpacking the meaning of the temple falling, the fig tree blooming, the virgins waiting, and the stewards investing. But I wasn’t sure what it meant for me to be prepared for Jesus’ coming.
Wasn’t sure until I started boiling the eggs, that is. Then I felt it, that feeling, the expectation that once the preparing begins that “this thing” will happen. This is what it means to be prepared. This is why Jesus wants me to prepare for His coming, so I will truly believe.
This is what I had to dig out from under the inches-thick ice, that brought trees limbs down and a day off work, but left me cozy and warm, eating an egg-salad sandwich for lunch.
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