We just couldn’t resist writing about it and snapping pictures of it and mentioning it in every Facebook status and Tweet we posted all week. It was the only thing on our minds these last few days. And if we weren’t mentioning it online, we were talking about it in person.

What else could it be, but snow?


And ice, too, I guess. Since those of us in the lower Midwest were coated with the glassy stuff.

But whatever form the precipitation took, it occupied our collective thoughts and minds like few other topics (is anyone else watching the Superbowl tonight?).

In fact, a college friend of mine who lives in California posted this as HIS Facebook status on Wednesday.

To all my friends in the Midwest and east coast: Enough snow pictures… We remember it. We know what it looks like. We see it once in a while when we go up to the mtns. Shoveling it is so 80s …

Little did he know, we had sucked him in. In his exasperation, even HE was writing about snow.


And oh, it was beautiful, the tree limbs like glass one day, and like the wings of angels just a few days later.


But even as my backyard became a magical wonderland — more ice skating rink than lawn — I have to tell you, I’m not sure how much more winter I can take.


Will Spring really come again?