I was having a conversation about writing with a dear friend recently, and like all conversations about writing, we ended up talking about whether I would ever be able to write full time. I’ve tried it before, and then, I didn’t have the creative energy to produce for so many hours. Now, as I have been steadily increasing my hours of writing, I think I could sustain the pace, but it’s impossible. I am not at an income-producing place in what I write. Then, there’s the matter of insurance and 401ks and sick days.

So, I have to have a day job.
And some days, I resent it.
Some days, I think about many of the writers I know who spend easily four or fives times more hours writing than I do, some who even write full-time, who have a spouse who provides a consistent income. I don’t have someone else to provide for me while I build a career and take creative risks.
So, I have to have a day job.
And some days, I resent it.
Other days, I think about a few writers I know who are successful and have published books and articles and give lectures at conferences. And they may or may not have a spouse who works, but it doesn’t matter. The writing supports them.
They certainly don’t have a day job.
And some days, to be honest, I resent it.
Then I remember what a gift my day job is. I remember my company’s loyalty to me when I was sick and the friendships I have made working side by side with people day after day. I think about the eight years I have been there, the consistency the work has brought to my life and the income it has provided, all while allowing me to write at least a few hours a week.
I think of the work, itself, the work that gives my left brain something meaningful to do, the work that organizes and queries and analyzes.
And I read Mari’s words, words capturing the reality of our work: when we are there so is Jesus.

I tell myself God is with me as I pull into the parking lot.

God is with me.

If He is with me then He is here? At the office? (Bare with me, sometimes the simplest realities elude me)

And doesn’t that make this a holy place?

I am writing this in the morning – finally. Finally, I am going to bed early enough to get up early enough to write in the morning before work. But when I write in the morning, it means that words hit the keyboard even as my hair finishes drying, and paragraphs emerge as my breakfast finishes digesting. I sit here knowing I have to stop soon to go to the office.
But today, I don’t resent it. Today, I am going with God.
Go THERE and then come back HERE again!
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