Yesterday evening, as my sister and I were heading out for a quick errand, I passed by the furnace in the laundry room, and something sounded amiss. The furnace would light and attempt to kick on, then nothing. Assuming it was a fluke, we left as planned.

Later, when we came home with pizza and were sitting on the living room floor eating over the coffee table, it seemed colder than usual. The EdenPURE heater I have as an auxilliary heat source was unexpectedly off, the plug cord jostled by my orbiting puppy. As I turned it back on, however, I remembered the furnace and checked the thermostat. Sure enough, it was set on 68 but the temperature in the house was only 66.

When adjusting the thermostat up slightly meant the furnace just lit and lit and lit but never actually came on, I called the repairman. And surprisingly, he was 10 minutes from my house, came right over, and took care of the problem. For free, since I have a 10-year warranty. He even held my puppy and scratched her behind the ears.

Later, as I laid in bed reflecting on the evening, I thought about that 10-year warranty and what a keystone it had been in my cancer recovery. In the middle of chemotherapy and radiation more than 3 years ago, my furnace had gone out, and when the repairman came to fix it, he said it was a lost cause. The next day, a salesman came, and while I sat there with a stocking cap covering my bald head, nauseous from the treatments, he laid out the options, including the 10-year warranty.

I remember thinking then that 10-year warranties are pretty audacious for a cancer patient. But I still had a glimmer of hope and a healthy dose of moxie, so I decided to trust the Lord that it was good stewardship.

Tonight, I am so thankful to Jesus that the warranty is paying off – in more ways than one.