There are early signs of Spring emerging in the back yard. The days have been a little warmer, a few trees and bushes have begun to push out their first buds, and patches of grass are growing greener. There is hope out there!

But inside, in my heart and spirit, the long days of winter continue on. Coldness and darkness inhibit me, the bare trees make me unproductive, and the icy hardness leaves me lifeless. I need hope in here.

I have hope – the long hope that says in the end, Jesus wins. I know that hope and cling to it, even in the winter. But the short hope, the hope that looks to this day and says it will be good, has been in short supply.


Sue Awes knows what I’m talking about. She wrote about it in a post today on her blog, May 1st Everlasting.

People seem weary. It’s not just the winter. The kids are sick; bronchitis is omnipresent and fierce. Money is tight. Lay-offs continue. The Gophers (that’s University of Minnesota basketball, dear readers) blew their season. Big trouble in Wisconsin and Libya. “I’m too busy”. “I don’t have time”. “I’m too tired.” Is it March malaise or malady or madness? It is pervasive.

So what do we do? Wait til Spring comes outside, really comes like in April or May, and hope for a thawing inside too? Or do we take Spring to the inside now, today, any day, every day?

[L]et’s vacate, once a day, once a week, once a month – and find the springs of revival. They will be found in the things and with the people that you love. Do you not believe that God uses the things of this earth to give us what we need? If you love to golf, golf! If you love to dance, dance!

And when you dance call out your praise to Him for your “En Hakkore”,  the Caller’s Spring, the fountain to quench your thirst, to revive your weariness, to end your winter.

My heart said, “yes, yes!” when I read this. Because if there’s anything that keeps me in the winter season of the soul, it is trudging through work – work at home, work at church, work at work – without giving my body and soul refreshment.

This isn’t about the long hope. There is a source of Living Water that alone brings refreshment for the long haul. But the keeper of that fountain, God himself, He gives us shallow springs to sustain us day by day.

Sue is going to reread Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre. I am going to take a day off work and make pancakes in my pajamas on Monday.

What will you do? What spring will you go to for refreshment?