For one more week of “There and Back Again,” I am going there and back again, again. I am stopping on this network journey to retrace my steps, to repave these in-roads I have made with other bloggers. To commend them to you again.

Next week, I will go again and find an idea to write about deeply.

For now, some thoughts we might all want to consider . . .

Heather is talking about “A Very Important Person” over at Live With Flair. And she might just be talking about YOU! She writes . . .

You are somebody very important.   It’s true in light of God’s truth.  Not for market value or contribution.  Not for appearance, affluence, or achievement.  Not for anything other than who we are as declared by God. 

In “Lifestyle or Life?” Kerri at Small Town Big Life considers what tragedy does for a person’s priorities, for HER priorities.

I do know this. When life and mere survival becomes “life or death,” it’s amazing how quickly LIFESTYLE  gets tossed out like possibly contaminated bath water.

 Robin Bryce is thinking about management and how good managers first manage themselves in her post “Mismanaging Self is Wicked.” So what does is look like to manage a self?

Hearing this story causes me to question my abilities. Do I mismanage my own life? Am I managing well my passions, my tasks, my time and the people in my life? What kind of manager, wife, mother and witness am I? Am I doing what I should be: sharing God’s love, making disciples, feeding the hungry, visiting the sick and imprisoned, clothing the poor, etc.? Robin writes.

And, Amy at To Love is considering the tsunami’s in her life, what it means to trust. She wrote about it poetically in her post titled, simply, “To Trust Him.”

. . . remember

God’s in his Heaven –
All’s right with the world!

then you can move on,
you can live,
you can breathe,
you can trust Him
and know
He is good.

Next Thursday, won’t you visit one of these or another High Calling Blogger, and then join me for There and Back Again? 


Join me for regular jaunts around The High Calling network, randomly visiting fellow bloggers, soaking up their words and ideas, and then coming back here to write about them from my perspective. This is what The High Calling network is all about, after all.

Our site is about casting a vision that is clear enough and inspiring enough that our readers can run with it on their own sites. We then spend the majority of our editorial time listening to them on their sites and helping them shine as writers. We believe in the power of the laity so much that we are relying on them and their audiences to help spread the vision that has been given to us. – Marcus Goodyear, senior editor, (from “The Challenge, Strategy, and Execution of Combining Web Properties” by Dan King on

Each Thursday, consider going “There and Back Again” yourself. It’s simple.
1.) Choose another High Calling Blogger to visit. It can be someone you have “met” before, or do what I do, and work your way through the “Member Posts” section of to meet someone new.
2.) Visit his blog, digesting the message until it becomes something that you can write about.
3.) Go back to your blog and write about it, being sure to link to the post that gave you the idea so that your readers can visit, too.
4.) Add the button above to your blog so your readers know you are participating in “There and Back Again.”
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