Yesterday over a cup of tea, a friend asked me about my cancer journey, told me she wanted to write about it, asked me to think about what I had learned about myself and about who God is.
I nodded.
Then she asked, “Are you at a place where you can look back on the experience and be thankful for the good that came from it rather than what you lost?”
“Well,” I said, hesitating. “I think so. It’s just that I continue to experience the loss in different ways.”
So many of the things I wanted in life were lost as a result of cancer.
Tracy, over at Kingdom Bloggers, wrote today about the longings of our hearts.

Like everyone else, I’ve had those experiences where I’ve really wanted something and not gotten it. Experienced the deep disappointment and frustration. But I’ve also been blessed many times over through the course of my life by God giving me the desires of my heart. Between those times of receiving and those times of not receiving I’ve noticed that same pattern that David talked about in his post on Monday; when I’ve sought after what God wanted for me, I’ve received it. Seems to me that if I want to approach this whole thing strategically, that what I need to do is look for what God is doing and join in His work.

When I read this, I was reminded that all that was lost to cancer, all those hopes and dreams that felt like God’s best for me at the time, were removed to make room for what truly is God’s best. And each new loss I feel as a result of those years the locust ate, is an opportunity for God to give me new desires, to restore what was lost by giving me Himself.
“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life,” Tracy quoted from Proverbs. And it is true, you know. There’s no end to the suffering I can put myself through if I think of what was lost. But when I seek new longings, new desires that keep me in the middle of God’s will, and have them all met in Jesus, that can put the weight back on, can restore the sparkle in my eye.

Not only is my cancer journey on my mind because of that conversation yesterday, but also because of a doctor’s appointment last week. After looking over my recent lab tests and walking through my timeline and calculating the years since my diagnosis and treatment, my doctor gave me a very hopeful prognosis.
“I think you’re going to be just fine.”
As he said that, my eyes filled and my heart swelled, and I felt a tree of life springing up within me.
I lost so much to cancer, but I have so much left.
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