May 2011

Becoming a Woman

The sun was shining brightly through the boughs of my neighbors’ trees as it sunk down toward the west, down over Wisconsin where my brother and his family are packing up to move to Montana, down over Joplin, Missouri, where rescuers are still searching for survivors in the midst of the rubble of the Home […] Read more

One Enchanted Evening

Friday evening I saw animals from every continent, Greek philosophers in togas, and medieval monks wearing brown hooded robes. Earlier, walking fruit and nursery characters had made an appearance, and to wrap up the evening up, there was ball room and swing-style dancing. It wasn’t a rerun of the Lawrence Welk show. I attended The […] Read more

Slow Down for a Winner

Thanks so much to everyone who has commented on my blog in the past week. As promised on Monday, each person who commented on my blog this week was entered into a drawing for a free copy of Ann Kroeker‘s book, Not So Fast: Slow-down Solutions for Frenzied Families. Ann is a friend and fellow […] Read more

Two Homes

The tough real estate market is more than just a news story to me. I’ve had my house on the market for five weeks and had no showings. Over the weekend, I had my second open house since putting my home up for sale. No one came. I cleaned this place as if the Queen […] Read more

The Giving Mood

A big congratulations to Hazel, of A Joyful Noise, for winning a copy of High Calling editor, LL Barkat’s book, God in the Yard, in my first ever give away. The book is on it’s way to Hazel as we speak. The drawing was part of my post on’s Give Campaign. If you are […] Read more