It was an open invitation to play along with photos. hosts PhotoPlay every few weeks to encourage community involvement and artistic endeavoring.

I don’t usually participate.

It’s not that I don’t like community involvement and artistic endeavoring, it’s just that I don’t have a good camera and I’m not very good at taking pictures.

But then I landed at Kelly Sauer’s blog and saw her beautiful renderings of all things lavender. That was the challenge this time: choose a color and shoot a series of photos featuring it.

I told Kelly how much I loved her work and wanted to learn from her, but then there was the camera situation.

She wrote back: “Just offer your heart. That is all that is really required.”

Just offer my heart.

So I grabbed my point-and-shoot-camera, and I followed my heart.

The rules said to choose a color, and I stretched the rules a bit by choosing a range of colors: fuschia to cranberry.

Sometimes amazing art, like Kelly’s photographers, feels intimidating and far reaching.

But other times, the better times, amazing art makes me want to join in. That’s what Kelly’s photos inspired.

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