Ever thought about joining theHighCalling.org network?

You might have noticed that I’m a member. I post links here to the HighCalling, on Thursdays I feature work by other members and link to them in There and Back Again, I participate in the HighCalling community writing projects and PhotoPlay. Some network members have linked to me, and some of the editors have even tagged my posts on the HighCalling site. You might see me “like” High Calling posts on Facebook, or Tweet posts by other members. Some of the editors even asked me to write feature articles for the site.

And all that happened BEFORE I became a part of the High Calling editorial staff.

But those are just some of the “official” benefits of being part of such an amazing community of Christian writers and artists.

While I was having surgery last week, High Calling friends from Texas, West Virginia, North Carolina, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Florida, Missouri, Nebraska, and Iowa were praying for me. I received a basket of flowers from one High Calling editor, and another fellow editor is watching my dog! A fellow High Calling member brought dinner to me on Monday; others sent me encouraging notes and packages in the mail.

Now, another possible benefit is that you could win a free trip to Laity Lodge, transportation included, to participate in a writer’s retreat along with the editorial team. Really. This offer applies to all members, even new ones. 
But all of this is what you get from the High Calling. What do you give? Only as much as you want to.

The HighCalling is a collection of people who care about the work they do everyday and want to honor God with how they live their lives and care for others. Becoming a member is as simple as filling out an online form and identifying yourself with the network.

The rest is up to you. Here’s some ways to get you started, though.
  1. You can read new content daily on the site. And maybe even leave a comment. (That’s easy, right?)
  2. If you are a blogger, you can add our badge to your blog to let others know your affiliation and add your RSS feed to your member profile so that your latest blogs will be available to other network members. You can also join our community writing projects by writing along with us and linking up your posts. 
  3. If you are on Facebook, like our Facebook page or like specific articles by choosing the like button at the top of each post. You can also participate in community writing projects through Facebook notes.
  4. If you are on Twitter, you can follow theHighCalling on Twitter or Tweet individual posts. Also, look for information on Twitter parties hosted by theHighCalling.org or sister group TweetSpeak Poetry.
  5. If you are a photographer, you can participate in regular PhotoPlay prompts at theHighCalling.org,  visit sister group HighCallingFocus.org, or join and contribute to the High Calling Focus Flickr community.
I realized I hadn’t asked you lately to join the High Calling. And if you were just waiting for an invitation, then consider yourself invited! We’d love to have you in our community, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll win a free trip to Texas!

Photo by sjcockell, via Flickr, used with permission via the Creative Commons License.