Pastor Mark Vroegop is preaching a series on the book of Exodus at my church. Here is a response to Sunday’s sermon I wrote for my church’s blog.

Even as Pastor Mark was laying out the amazing details of God’s sovereignty in drawing Moses out of the Nile to be the deliverer of Israel, I couldn’t help but think of that same sovereign hand that has again and again drawn me out of the dark waters of my own life.

From the house I live in to the relationships I cherish to the very health I enjoy, I look back and see the remarkable movement of God in details that seemed insignificant in the moment and yet are part of a mosaic of grace, pieced together in love.

But even as my faith stands firm on the bedrock of God’s past creativity in accomplishing his will, I often misunderstand His sovereignty when am in front of a situation rather than behind it. Though it can cause a major crisis of faith, this misunderstanding starts rather simply.