I’ve been blogging since 2006, and since that time, I’ve maintained a small presence over at www.charitysingleton.blogspot.com. It was a good run; I published 592 posts there about everything from garbage in my front yard to cancer updates when I was actively receiving treatment. I exposed some of my deepest struggles with singleness in that space, as well as the news of my recent marriage. My siblings, parents, and nieces and nephews were all starring characters at various times, as was my house and my two dogs, Precious and Tilly.

I’ve had a good run at blogging.

And I’m not done yet. It’s just that I have a new name and my writing career has taken some new turns in the last year or two, and when I added all that up, now seemed like the perfect time to transition to a new website and a new blog.

So, I’d like to welcome you to this new space. I designed it myself, so it’s very simple. The front page is more like a welcome mat now; you’ll find the blog by walking down the hall, third door on the left.

It’s a new place, but it’s the same me. And I hope you’ll visit often.

Photo by grongar, used with permission under the Creative Commons License.