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Today, welcome my step-son, Jacob, who is doing a guest post for me. This was a homework assignment which seemed like it needed a wider audience. Enjoy!

by Jacob Craig

Ok, you remember my dog, Tilly. Well, if you haven’t, keep reading.

Tilly can have very weird hobbies, like eating plants, barking, being annoying, and even licking the carpet. Now, don’t get me wrong, she does normal dog things, too, like chasing her tail and stuff. But she does plenty of weird stuff. Like she tried to eat a fly.

Now, Tilly isn’t – I REPEAT – isn’t a normal dog. Like one time, Tilly actually tried to eat a basket.

When Tilly does something she’s not supposed to do, you can tell. She looks all sad or nervous. Tilly gets into trouble ten times a day at the least.

Now, Tilly is the most nimrod, crazy doofus ever. I don’t mean to be mean, but it’s true.

If you like normal dogs, don’t EVER come over.

Tilly can be a real jerk . . . to the cat. One time, she poked the cat with her nose.

I bet you don’t have a dog like this.