Imagine the surprise when a hardworking Google employee was informed he would be receiving an extra week of vacation this summer because his daughter wrote a letter to his boss requesting as much. Actually, she asked for just a single day off, but because the letter was so touching, Google granted a whole week.

Maybe it’s because of the way the school calendar is designed, or maybe it’s because kids just get lots of things right that adults don’t, but every child knows you can’t work all the time, that you need a vacation, or at least a day off, every now then. My step-sons broke out into hysterical laughter recently when they discovered that my boss made me work on a Sunday, especially when they remembered I’m self-employed. “You made yourself work on Sunday!” They were incredulous.

This connection between kids and vacations also may be why many of us, when asked about a favorite vacation, conjure a childhood memory. During the last few weeks as I thought of my best vacation stories, I couldn’t help but remember the trip to Disney World when I was still in elementary school, or the camping trip to Indiana Beach as a young teenager. I also remembered the time my mom decided to drive my brother and I to another nearby amusement park for a short weekend vacation. We never actually made it, however, because my mom got such a bad sinus infection she had to pull the car over. With the money we would have spent on rollercoasters and cotton candy, we rented a hotel room and bought cheap games and coloring books at a nearby department store while waiting for my cousin to come rescue us.