res·to·ra·tion – noun \ˌres-tə-ˈrā-shən\

: the act or process of returning something to its original condition by repairing it, cleaning it, etc.
: the act of bringing back something that existed before
: the act of returning something that was stolen or taken


Takes the worn and weary

(Is it from the Greek
Or does it have a Latin root)
No, perhaps

The sacred Word
Birthed from Heaven’s
Merciful hand
As it
Carpenter of Grace
Life breathes
Anew, into
People of the second chance

Every broken, splintered
Sharp as shattered glass
Or a thistle, thorn

Drawing crimson
From the flesh of hand
Oh soul, restored
Because of wood and blood and flesh
That went
A sacrifice, before

Smooths the edges
Heals the hands

I pass through the threshold
Once again
Re becomes my favorite prefix
Fixing things
Repairing things
Painting coats of new
Renewal clothes the tired, the worn, the weary
Oh re
Salvager and friend

We sat at lunch
As hands ran laps around a
Clock face, finishing their
Half marathon
And we
A sedentary conversation
Running fast, in place
Playing catch up
Between two old friends
Who sit, not counting wrinkles,
Our badges old and tired
Tell of victory, defeat and grace
Lines upon each face
Wordless lines we choose
Not erase

We squeeze time, begging her
To give us more
And tell the stories, secrets
That she keeps

Established in 1977
Friendship is restored
And I return

To my old and weary worn out
Into which new life is breathed
Patina, her badge
Her wordless story speaks
Volumes of
One hundred years or more
Established in 1904
Or before

And as we have been restored
We too
Restore, harbingers of grace
And she, our home now
A semi-final resting place
The worn and weary
Merci, Mersea
Old home by the sea
The nails
The woods
Symbol of




Elizabeth squareAn introverted extrovert, Elizabeth W. Marshall is a curious noticer who lives by the sea in a small Southern shrimping village. She and her husband recently bought and are lovingly renovating a historic house built in 1900. Because of Elizabeth’s love for all things French, she named her house Mersea and feels immensely grateful for her new old home. Visit her at her writing home, Elizabeth W. Marshall, where she sees the world through a lens of grace. She is honored to have had her work appear at Tweetspeak Poetry where she is a Guest Writer and Social Media Associate. Her poetry has appeared at Burnside Writers’ Collective and elsewhere. Find her on twitter and instagram @graceappears. Married for 26 years, she is the momma to three growing up children.

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Photos provided by Elizabeth Marshall.