As a freelance writer, you probably came to the work because you wanted to make a living doing something you love. But with a growing client list and an active workload, it’s easy to lose sight of your own writing dreams and put your personal writing projects on hold.

As a freelance writer and editor, I take on many projects spanning a variety of topics. And during good stretches when work is rolling in steadily, I’m shifting course every hour or so, keeping several clients happy with small daily progress.

But what’s good for the bank account isn’t always good for my creativity. After a morning spent laying out ad copy for a newsletter, writing a blog post on Medicaid expansion, and line editing a memoir, I have little left in the tank to devote to my personal writing projects — the work that led me to this writing life in the first place.

How do you give your best work to your clients while also maintaining the emotional and creative energy you need to make progress on your own writing? Here are five strategies that help me enjoy both a successful freelance career and a satisfying writing life.