do –  verb | \ˈdü\

: to bring to pass
: to perform and execute

Two Sunday’s ago, Steve streamed the theme song from Rocky as I got up off the couch, walked into the kitchen, and pulled out packages of meat, pasta, rice, and vegetables. Over the next four hours, I chopped, I sauteed, I baked, I roasted, I blended, and then I bagged and packaged and wrapped. When the afternoon was over, I had filled the freezer with meals for the next three weeks.

It wasn’t easy deciding to spend most of the day cooking in the middle of an extremely busy season. For the past couple of weeks I haven’t even found time to blog or visit my mother, but I did cook a turkey breast, a spiral ham, two pork roasts, 12 chicken breasts, six pounds of ground beef, a pound of red beans, four heads of broccoli, six red peppers, a package of celery, a bag of onions, 4 pounds of rice, 2 pounds of pasta, and 10 pounds of potatoes all in one afternoon.

The decision felt hard because though my schedule has been jam-packed, preparing meals for our is an important thing to do. So I had to make the time. The sore feet and tired back from I went to bed with that Sunday are worth it now that I can pull a few containers out of the freezer and whip up a healthy dinner in 15 minutes. In the end, putting in the time — doing what needed to be done — will make my life easier. Not to mention the feeling of accomplishment I got when our youngest son said one of the meals tasted better than it usually does when I make it fresh.

Of course a freezer full of food didn’t solve all my problems. This past week held more deadlines, more client projects, more physical therapy appointments and basketball games and musical performances. There were tears. There were grouchy words spoken (mostly by me). There was the feeling that I couldn’t get everything done. And I didn’t. Several things went undone, in fact. But each day I did what I could. I made the time for what was most important. I kept my word. And going into this new week, I am still here, still carrying on, even if I do need the theme song from Rocky to get me going again.


See, surely I’m not the first person to get to the end of my rope only to find out that the rope is actually tied on tight around me. Maybe that’s what these last few weeks have been about: helping me realize my current situation isn’t going to undo me. It’s hard, and I need to take the time to acknowledge that. And whether or not it’s harder or easier than someone else’s situation doesn’t matter. Comparisons aren’t helpful when I’m down; are they ever? And the most important lesson: I can’t do it all, but I can and should do something.

For me it comes back to my post from a couple weeks ago and deciding whether or not I believe I can do impossible things through Christ. See, it’s not just that impossible things happen. It’s that I have to DO them in the faith and hope that Jesus offers. It’s “Let go and let God” turned on its head. It’s more like “I go because God let me.”

Or in my case, I “do” because God “strengthens” me.

Cue the Rocky music. It’s time to get busy.

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Photo by Jônatas Cunha, via Flickr, used with permission under the Creative Commons License. Definitions of my word of the week are from Merriam-Webster Dictionary Online.