Waiting is hard. And for writers, there’s plenty of waiting to do. Waiting for time to write, waiting to hear back from a query, waiting for an editor’s comments, waiting to hear about a contract, waiting for comments to a blog post you just published, waiting for the voices in your head to clear so you know what to write next.

Maybe you have other things you’re waiting on, too?

If the waiting gets too long or tiresome or tedious, it’s tempting to just move on. To scrap the idea. To make a big change. To pretend like the thing you’re waiting on doesn’t really matter.

In a recent blog post, author Shawn Smucker describes his own struggle to wait: “The temptation for me while waiting, with my personality and background and temperament, is to make drastic changes, either in an attempt to rush things or to so drastically change the game itself that what I was waiting for no longer applies. We’ll move! I’ll get a job! I’ll sleep all day! I’d rather blow up this beautiful life I’m living than sit around and wait.”

Instead, he has found four strategies that help him cope during the waiting. Essentially, they boil down to this:

  • Show up
  • Choose hope
  • Fight perfectionism
  • Let go of worry

What are you waiting on this week? What drastic action are you tempted toward rather than just continuing to wait? How can these four strategies keep you in the waiting game?

Photo by Matthew Wiebe via Unsplash.