We’ve all made them, the embarrassing rookie mistakes that happen when we are first starting out. They happen to people starting all kinds of new hobbies or careers, including writers. One of my early mistakes was submitting my work to magazines I wasn’t really familiar with. A quick glance through their description in The Writer’s Market, and I was shooting off a query letter. I know now that a thorough understanding of a publication is usually needed to submit an idea they can’t refuse.

In a recent post on Beyond Your Blog, Susan Maccarelli lists seven rookie mistakes she made starting out as a writer, and number one on her list is “forcing it,” just as I described above. She also talks about being “trigger happy,” or hitting the send button without really proofreading and triple checking that she had corrected mistakes and smoothed over problem areas. I’ve been guilty of that one, too.

Out of the seven items on her list, we’ve probably all committed at least a couple, but the good news is that we don’t have to fumble with the rest of these rookie mistakes because now we know about them. Well, first you’ll have to read the list. Then you’ll know.

What other rookie mistakes would you add to this list? I’d love to know.