The past few weeks have been a little hard on my writing life. First, I had a three-week case of the flu and bronchitis, then I took on a new client that has required more of my time than expected. I’ve had a few deadlines that had to be met, and somehow I have managed to write a blog post here and there, but the memoir I’ve been working on and several other creative projects I have planned have been temporarily sidelined.

Maybe you can relate?

It’s not a lack of inspiration or motivation that keeps me from the laptop. I’m not procrastinating or watching too much TV, instead. I’m just in a busy season, and the creative projects I enjoy so much have had to be temporarily set aside.

But that doesn’t mean I stop being a writer or can’t still make progress in my writing life. Finished projects might be a little scarce right now, but this is the perfect time to brainstorm during car trips, take notes about all the activity of my life so I can write about it later, and look forward to the day when I can block out a few hours a week to get back to the projects I am really excited about.

This is just a season. The writing life is full of them.