Did you know Clinton County has more than 70 cemeteries throughout its 405 square miles?

Some lists show only 48 cemeteries, but Kim Hendrix of the Indiana Cemeteries Project shows 72 different burial sites throughout the county.

Colfax Farm and Cemetery Did You Know Clinton County

Basically, the cemeteries are divided among 12 of the 13 townships, though the research tools are limited for many of the smaller and older cemeteries in our county. For instance, I couldn’t find a record of any cemeteries in Sugar Creek Township, though I’ll be happily corrected if you know of one.

Here’s the breakdown of cemeteries as I found them:

  • Center Township: 5
  • Forest Township: 5
  • Jackson Township: 2
  • Johnson Township: 6
  • Kirklin Township: 8
  • Madison Township: 4
  • Michigan Township: 7
  • Owen Township: 2
  • Perry Township: 8
  • Ross Township: 11
  • Union Township: 3
  • Warren Township: 7
  • Washington Township: 4

Why all this talk of cemeteries? Well, this is Memorial Day Weekend, which was originally called Decoration Day because family members would “decorate” the gravesites of their loved ones who had died while serving in the military. Memorial Day became an official federal holiday in 1971, though the annual commemoration started in the years following the Civil War. In fact, there are at least three Civil War Veterans buried in Bunnell Cemetery in Frankfort, including Cyrus Clark, a Pennsylvania native who lived most of his life in Frankfort and was elected the first Democratic mayor of Frankfort in 1882.

Memorial Day is still a time to honor veterans, but many people also take the time to remember loved ones who didn’t serve in the military, too. For years, my mother and her siblings have taken turns decorating the graves of their parents and other relatives on this annual holiday.

Whether we are remembering an ancestor or close relative for their military sacrifice, or we are just taking the occasion to honor loved ones who have gone before us, many readers will be spending some part of the weekend in one of Clinton County’s 72 (or more) cemeteries.

Happy Memorial Day!

Photo by Kevin Zollman via Flickr, used with permission. Originally published at Clinton County Daily News on May 28, 2016.