For years, whenever I would meet a published author, famous or otherwise, I’d beg to know “how do you do it?” How do you find an agent, meet a publisher, get an “in” with an editor. How do you actually write the book, come up with an idea, create an outline?

I was sure, just sure, there was a way — the way — to authorial fame and fortune. If I just knew how to do it, then it was as good as done.

Well, as a published author myself, I now know that’s not true. There isn’t one way to be a writer. There aren’t even 10 ways to be a writer. The real secret that no one tells beginning writers — or even the more experienced ones — is that there actually are as many ways to be a writer as there are writers.

I think that’s why I loved what Megan Willome wrote in her recent blog post about how she came to publish a book. “What I’m sharing in this series is not How to Do It but rather How I Did It This Time. If I were to get a new book contract tomorrow, my process might be different.”

It would be a lot easier if, instead, she just gave us the magic formula. But since that formula doesn’t exist, I think it’s better that she just tell us straight. And it’s the same thing I want to tell you today: when it comes to the writing life, we each have to find our own way.

How are you finding your way today?