here – adverb | \ˈhir\

: in this place : at this location
: to or into this place
: at this point in a process, activity, story, etc.

Over the past few days, I’ve been in three different states. I’ve seen Lake Michigan from three sides. And I’ve driven (or ridden) more than 700 miles.


During that time, I ate an ice cream cone in St. Joseph, Michigan, and a chocolate croissant in Chicago even though I rarely eat sweets. I trimmed a rose bush and defrosted a freezer for my mom. I watched a 400-pound gorilla lie on his back and eat carrots. I walked along a beach and down a crowded city street. I said hello to a security guard on the set of Chicago Fire. And I observed a 30-year-old man pull up a chair and have a visit with a dog who was tied to a tree and seemed to be abandoned outside the restaurant where we ate. Luckily for all of us, his owner was just upstairs having a drink and watching the game.


In three different cities, I held hands with my husband as we walked along a pier. I sat next to my mother as she explained how to sew a buttonhole. And I talked and talked and talked with my best friend from college whom I joined in Chicago for an overnight getaway.

I could have spent the past few days differently. I could have worked instead of rested. I could have stayed home instead of going away. I could have wrecked or contracted a virus or been a victim or gotten lost in the south-side Chicago neighborhood as I found my way home last night.

But instead, again and again, I had the deep sense that wherever I was and whomever I was with was exactly where and with whom I was supposed to be.


Of course, I have a graffiti artist to thank for that. At the far end of a pier, just across the river from the St. Joseph North Pier Lighthouse, this was painted on the side of a concrete structure: “There is no better place than right here right now with u.”


What about you? Where have you been lately that just felt right?

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