dime – noun | \ˈdīm\

: a U.S. or Canadian coin that is worth 10 cents

Sometimes, life turns on a dime — for bad or for good.

Like Monday, after a day of client meetings and appointments, I ran home to get a water bottle and snacks just in time to make it Jacob’s cross country meet. It was a fine day, if not busy. I was feeling good, making things happen. Then, on the way home from the meet, I started feeling achy and my back began to hurt and I felt a fever coming on around the edges of my eyes.

That’s when I remembered how I’d been running to the bathroom a little more often recently, and suddenly I knew I had a kidney infection, which could be very bad. I ended up spending a wonderful evening in the local emergency room getting IV fluids and antibiotics. Lab work confirmed an infection, and the symptoms made it likely the infection was close to, if not in, my kidneys. I’m still trying to recover.

That’s how it happens: Things are going along just fine and … BAM … everything changes for the worse.


The opposite happened last week, though. On Thursday, I wrote an article for my monthly newsletter about how I had been delayed from moving into my new office. I scheduled the newsletter on Thursday evening, and before it could even be delivered on Friday morning things were changing. Three different companies had sent contractors to my office on Friday morning. By the end of the day, I had a locking front door, air conditioning, and internet access. That was enough to move in on Saturday, and I’ve been working here all week. Over the last few days, the landlord completed the last of the projects, and I’m just waiting for the rest of my office equipment to be delivered.

That’s the other way it happens: things seemed doomed forever and … BAM … everything’s looking up.

Too often, I’ve thought of this “turning on a dime” — or changing course quickly — as only negative. Kind of like that other old saying, “waiting for the other shoe to drop.” But there are only two shoes in a pair, and both make such a startling sound when they hit the floor.

Dimes, however, are small and shiny. You can easily fit a dozen or more in your pocket or wallet. And you never know when you’re going to find a dime to turn on.

Whatever you’re struggling with or waiting on or fearing will happen, just know this: it could all change in moment. In the ups and downs of life, that oughta make more than a dime’s worth of difference to us all.

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Definitions of my word of the week are from Merriam-Webster Dictionary Online.