reveal – verb | \ri-ˈvēl\

: to make (something secret or hidden) publicly or generally known

On Sunday, my youngest stepson came up to me at church before the service started and asked, “Did you write another book? Grandpa said you wrote another book.”

“Well, … “ I hesitated. Several people were looking at me now, waiting for an answer. “I did. It’s just now coming out.”

“Why didn’t I know about it?” he asked, laughing. And his mom, whom I happened to be talking with, said basically the same thing, “You wrote another book? How did I miss that?”

For the past couple of months, all kinds of big things have been happening with my writing life and business. I’ve been so busy trying to get them all done, I haven’t had a chance to tell anyone.

But now, things are finally coming together and I can reveal a few little secrets I’ve been keeping.

3-d-cover-my-year-in-wordsFirst, I wrote another book! (Of course you already know about that now.) On September 15, My Year in Words was officially published, though to my knowledge, I’ve sold only one copy. To my father-in-law. And I didn’t get a chance to ask him how he found out about it.

My Year in Words is the story of my first year of choosing a word of the week and all that happened in life because I paid such close attention. Much of the content is culled from my blog — since that’s where I wrote about all those words — but there’s some new stuff, too, including a user’s guide. I also edited the whole thing and made a nice cover. It’s available in print or Kindle versions if you are interested.

The other news, though, is even bigger than that. In addition to moving into a new work space (finally!), I’ve also created a new space where others can work, too.

My new Frankfort Writers Center will offer a wide range of writing services for local businesses and organizations, such as content and social media marketing, marketing strategy, and public relations. The Center also will serve as a hub for writers through a wide range of writing classes and workshops for writers at all stages, along with editing and coaching services to help writers polish up their work.

frankfort-writers-center-logoI’ve set up a new Frankfort Writers Center website and Facebook page if you want to learn more about what’s going on. This will be the location for all my client services, including editing and coaching, as well as information and resources for writers, like workshops, writing tips, and more. If you previously received emails from me like the Writers Notebook or my weekly-ish Resources for Writers, you will still receive those, only now they will be under the Frankfort Writers Center brand.

My author site,, plus all subscriptions to my author newsletter or blog posts, will remain intact, as well.

While this transition may seem a bit confusing, it’s actually the culmination of years of dreaming and scheming to provide a more focused space to serve writers and other clients, and also to have a more natural separation between my own writing (for people who aren’t writers) and all the other work I do. Thank you for being patient as I sort this all out.

And one more exciting piece of news I thought I’d share: I sewed my first shirt, which I am proudly wearing now. There’s no end to the revelations, I tell ya!


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Definitions of my word of the week are from Merriam-Webster Dictionary Online.