Beginning this week, The Wonder Report is now part of the Substack subscription platform.

What does this move offer to readers? For one, subscribers will get the exact same newsletter they’ve been receiving for the last year still delivered directly to your inbox. And also still for free. Subscribers also will have the ability to comment on posts and engage with me and others about the content. I’ll be moving monthly blog posts to this platform as well, along with a few other types of posts that will help us discuss and consider books and articles and monthly themes. Eventually, some additional content may get delivered directly to subscriber’s inboxes, but for now, they’ll just see links in the Wonder Report that will bring them back to the Substack space.

The move also gives readers who are willing and able the chance to support this work, which takes considerable time, effort and attention on my part. I’m committed to continuing this work because I see how it’s benefitting me and others (thanks for telling me so each week!). But because I’m also a full-time writer, paying subscribers can help subsidize this work so that I can continue to make the vast majority of it free to everyone.

In addition, the blog on my website will now transition to become a place where I can post author news, as well as continue to serve as a portfolio of work published in magazines and journals. Of course you can always find the complete listing of my published work on my “official” portfolio page, too. And the years of blog post archives will continue to be available here, too.

I’m excited about this new platform and looking forward to the ways it will help me better interact with readers.