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Advent 2: Unrecorded Moments

During the week before Thanksgiving, I found myself in Texas, in a paint-splattered canyon dripping with rain and shivering down to its soaked cedar branches. I had come with friends, traveling in a van loaded with some of my favorite people, meeting up with dozens more sojourners whose paths were converging. We lingered around the […] Read more

Eye to Eye

I sat in the airport food court staring down at a paper plate of fried rice with vegetables and a meatless eggroll. I had eaten dinner once already, but it consisted of just salad and soup. And that was almost four hours ago. When I checked the Arrival board and realized I had a few […] Read more


On Tuesday, I flipped the calendar to a new month. October. The leaves have turned ever so slightly in these first few days, though the bulk of that work can be credited to September. It is only the fourth, afterall. But as the vibrant colors of fall prepare to overwhelm us, even the most optimistic […] Read more

Warning: Tilly is Not Normal

Today, welcome my step-son, Jacob, who is doing a guest post for me. This was a homework assignment which seemed like it needed a wider audience. Enjoy! by Jacob Craig Ok, you remember my dog, Tilly. Well, if you haven’t, keep reading. Tilly can have very weird hobbies, like eating plants, barking, being annoying, and […] Read more

Love Begins Here

“Love Begins at Home.” The engraved wooden plaque hangs proudly in our upstairs living room, enthroned above what I have dubbed “the picture wall,” holding court over our family when we linger there in the minutes before bedtime. Not usually one for kitsch, I just “knew” I needed to buy the plaque when I saw […] Read more